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When in Bandung, do as the Malaysians do-shop, shop, shop till you drop! I have been there quite a number of times-Bandung has been sort of a second home to me and family.When we miss our relatives there,(actually we miss shopping more!)we'll be surfing for the cheapest flight tickets available and off we go-even if it means weekend trips and busted bank accounts!

Flights to Bandung

Air Asia flies directly to Bandung with three flights per day and from July 2010,Malaysia Airlines will fly daily to Bandung,paving the way for more shopping baggage(20 kg)-listen ladies,now you can stuff your bags with lovely curtains,Laura Ashley and Sandersons bedspreads without having to worry about paying for excess baggage.

For those who want to save on flight fares,travel with KLM which stops at Jakarta. This airline offers cheap tickets for a 4 star service. Taxes,surcharges,halal food and comfortable economy class seats are all included in its fares.Plus 20 kg of free baggage allowance-again,ladies do you know you can get much cheaper original Corelle Dinner sets at Jakarta? With 20 kg of free baggage,can you resist it?

Transport from Jakarta to Bandung.Do not worry about the mode of transport from Jakarta to Bandung.There are several options available:

Vans/buses/rent a car

One of the easiest ways to get to Bandung is to use one of the several shuttle services that leave at Soekarno Hatta International Airport various on hourly basis.When you arrive at Soekarno Hatta International Airport(Cengkareng-Jakarta),you can take DAMRI Bus-Gambir Station destination or Cipaganti Travel/Rent Car.Ask the information center to get more details,many tour-travel companies offer minibus,car rental or taxi service to Bandung,departing upon demand.


If you have the leisure of time,the best way to travel to Bandung is by train.Take the train from Gambir Station and you will arrive 3 hours later.The executive class,Argo Gede is recommended for its cleanliness,comfortable seats,safety and friendly service on board.The journey will pass by swiftly as you will be immersed by the breathtaking scenery of the West Java country side.

Bandung Shopping tips and tricks.

Much has been written about the shopping areas and Factory Outlets of Banding in various of other blogs.Thus,I am only to concentrate on travelling and shopping tips especially for the first timers.

Free and easy or tour groups?

Bandung is a safe for single ladies on a free and easy trip.There are many budget hotels available and transportation is cheap and easily available.So, why get tied up with tour group tight schedules when you can travel in leisure and explore Bandung on your own sweet time?

Plan your shopping itinerary ahead

First,you ave to decide-shopping or sight-seeing? Then,plan the schedule.If you arrive in Bandung in the afternoon and plan to shop after lunch,then avoid going to Pasar Baru.It closes at 5 p.m at you'll be spending such a short time there.You may not be able to go again to this place the next day,especially if you are travelling in a big group and will only spent 2 days in Bandung. Many of my my friends have experienced this,and are very frustrated for they could not find the time to buy even a piece of tudung which Pasar Baru is famous for. Pasar Baru is best visited first thing in the morning(it is open at 8 a.m)where you can shop at peace before the afternoon crowds swell.

Shopping with children and husbands.

If you are a shopping junkie and intend to bring your young kids/babies along,please bear in mind that certain shopping places are not child friendly.Pasar Baru is one congested place and many friends of mine,despite having given them the address and floor plans of shops to buy lovely kebaya's and laces ended up with nothing.The reason-screaming children and equally annoying husband (sorry guys..)Morale of the story -leave hubby and children at hotel if you want to enjoy Pasar Baru- A ladies paradise.

Post your shopping baggage.

If you are overloaded with shopping items,e.g telekungs/textiles/kebayas/bedspreads, you can ask the shop personnel to post it home for you.Your purchases will be charged by weight in kilograms,This way you can have the ease of lugging heavy baggages around and save on paying for extra luggage as the postage is more cheaper.

Jeans Lovers.

For jeans lovers,you may wonder where to get the original thing.Head to Toko 3 because not many Malaysians know that this is THE PLACE to shop original LEVI's. Its just a plain looking department store, something like KAMDAR but its worth visiting if you're looking for jeans. Its situated off the popular Factory Outlets area, hence why most Malaysians are unaware of it, unless recommended by their tourist guides. The price is much cheaper than Levi's boutique in Malaysia.

Shoe lovers

Cibaduyut, South of Bandung is a shoe lovers paradise. You can fing hiking shoes, sports shoes,safety shoes, sandals,leather bags, purses and jackets of good quality and designs. Check out the georgeous ladies' boots at Toko Sepatu Diana.If Cibaduyut seems too far to reach,drop at Donatello for shoes of up-to-date designs and extensive choice.

Paul Smith suits

If you are a Paul Smith fan,do not miss Raffles City FO at Jalan Dago.Gentelmen, if you browse patiently, you may get Paul Smith suits for only around RM450.00.These are original suits but failed to meet export quality for very minor reasons which could not be seen with our naked eyes. Wwho cares, anyway, right? Even if we were to buy original suits with a four figure tag in KL, they won't be able to with the one you got in Bandung.So guys, book your flight tickets now.


Channel, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Coach, Miu-Miu, LV-you name it-they have it here. Of course they are the originals like the ones sold at our Pavi or KLCC. They have different grades of handbags here-B,A and Super Quality Grade AAA (very close to original, imported from Korea. Go for the Super Quality ones for the glamorous Mak Datin looks without breaking your bank account. Grade AAA bags cost around RM500-RM1,500 in KL (depending on designs and materials) but here with a budget of RM 100-150you'll come out of the FO smiling.

There are many FO's selling graded bags-Rumah Mode, Summit and Stamp has some nice designs.Personally, I like the ones at Blossom (Jln Dago)though the choice is limited.Terminal Tas has an extensive collection of handbags but I suspect most of them are from China , hence the inferior quality and design.

Ask your supir to take you to Elizabeth Bags which sells local made handbags/purses/shoes with lovely and trendy designs. I was sceptical at first as it was a local label but I fell in love with its party clutches (for around RM 30.00)who wouldn't?

Tailoring services

Bandung is renowned for its quality cotton, linens, laces, Italian silk, viscose,Casa Rubiah, chiffon and materials for men's suits and Baju Melayu will make you spoilt for choice.Some of the shops selling textiles provide tailoring services. Suits, blazers, kebayas, kurungs can be tailored and sent to your hotel the next day.


If you want to have curtains sewn to your design of choice, head to Jalan Alketeri.Choose your materials and design and you cah have your curtains ready within 48 hours.Sliding door curtains in KL will cost around RM1,000.00 but over there it costs you only RM400.00,(including tailoring cost and hooks).

If you want to have curtains sewn to your design of choice,head to Jalan Alketeri.Choose your materials and designs, have your curtains ready within 48 hours.Sliding door curtains in KL will cost at least RM1,000 but over there, it costs you only around RM400.00 (tailoring services and hooks included).

Baby/toddlers/infants clothings

Doting parents will be surprised to see the wide choice of babies/children's clothings compared to KL.Comparatively, the designs here are more attractive, modern, stylish and up-to-date.The price will put you in a shopping frenzy. Proof? On my last trip there, I bought Burberry and Oshkosh gowns for I just fell in love with it.It will spent a long time in my closet (my children are 17 and 15 years old.)

Personally, if I have infants and kids my choice will be the Paris Van Java FO at Jalan Cihampelas.Though the variety is limited, the design, quality and price makes it worth visiting.This is where I found my Burberry and Oshkosh.

Branded, authentic merchandise

Do not think that Bandung shopping only revolves around super quality, export overruns or merchandise that do not meet the quality standards.For brand conscious shoppers,Paris Van Java Mall offers original merchandise under the labels of Charles and Keith, Esprit, Hammer, Rip Curl, Nike, Crocs and Adidas.Bandung Supermall has tenants such as Aigner, Guess, Hugo Boss,Lee Cooper,Nautica, House of Bally, among others. Check this out.

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